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The Program

The Safer Parking Initiative (SPI) builds on the experience and success of the Safer Parking Scheme, an initiative of the U.K. Association of Chief Police Officers. Since its inception, this U.K. scheme has significantly reduced crime levels in participating parking facilities – and even in the neighborhoods near them.

Vancouver Police Department developed SPI in consultation with the U.K. Association of Chief Police Officers and a coalition of business partners, including parking lot owners and operators, and community groups.

In both Vancouver and Edmonton, police manage facility evaluations, award designation, and data collection for the Safer Parking Initiative (SPI).

Additional information about the U.K. Safer Parking Scheme can be found online at:

The Safer Parking Award

The Safer Parking Award is a visual identifier granted to parking facilities that have been vetted by the police and meet a set of criteria that help deter criminal activity and anti-social behaviour.

The Award indicates the facility is a safer place to park your vehicle than facilities in the same area that have not made the same effort to combat crime.

Award Benefits

Recipients of the Award are entitled to use the Safer Parking Initiative logo on all signage within their facility. The location and name of facilities that have received the Award are promoted through the SPI website and public awareness campaigns.

Awarded facilities also have access to an information network that shares best practices and other industry information, including police input. Awarded facilities have access to police input into their safety and crime related concerns, as well as information network that shares best practices and other industry information.

How to attain Award status

  1. Nominate your parking facility by contacting an SPI representative, noted on the contacts page.
  2. A specially trained police officer will then tour your facility and discuss their evaluation.
  3. Once your parking facility meets program standards, you will receive a Safer Parking Award. Facilities are re-inspected every one to two years to ensure program accountability.

What are the criteria for receiving the Safer Parking Award?

Each facility is evaluated on a flexible and individual basis that focuses on:

  1. Lighting & paint
  2. Maintenance & cleanliness
  3. Signage
  4. Entrance and exit points
  5. Management practices
  6. Crime statistics & risk analysis
  7. Facility design
  8. Boundary perimeter treatment





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