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Tips for choosing a safer parking lot:

safer parking tip safer parking tip safer parking tip
1. Bright lighting
and light colours
throughout the
2. Clear signage 3. Noticeable
entrance and exit
points for vehicles
and pedestrians
safer parking tip safer parking tip safer parking tip
4. Cleanliness inside
and outside the
5. Onsite security,
such as emergency
phones or parking
6. Safer Parking
Initiative Logo!

Where to Park Safer:

About the Safer Parking Initiative

Operating in Vancouver since February 2008, the Safer Parking Initiative is a partnership between the Vancouver Police Department and a coalition of business partners, including parking lot owners and operators, and community groups.

Since its inception, the program has produced outstanding results for many Safer Parking Awarded lots by decreasing rates of crime and, in turn, increasing revenues by encouraging new and repeat customers who park for longer periods of time. The number of designated Safer Parking Initiative facilities continues to grow with demand for cleaner and safer parking lots.

Our Mandate is to improve the reality and perception of safety and security in parking facilities through:

  • co-operative action with police, the parking industry, businesses, citizens groups and consumers;
  • policies and procedures that sustain or improve the profitability of parking facilities.

The Vancouver Police Department manages the Safer Parking Initiative (SPI), which assess the safety of parking facilities and grants awards to facilities that meet regulatory safety standards.

The Safer Parking Initiative has been operating in Vancouver since February 2008 and is currently being piloted in Edmonton.

Click on this link to find out where to park safer.


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